Saturday, October 8, 2011

My M.J tribute ..."OffdaWALL/OndaEDGE"

How do you honor A mega talent & major influence in pop culture? Don't know how everyone else did, but I personally was  compelled to put something together the very moment my wife text me the news of him passing. It felt like I lost A relative I never had a chance to hang out with . When someone you've grown up digging from  early youth to now ...then have ALL the songs,dances & memories .....WOW. All I could do was give thanks for the gift that was given to MJ to share with the world ,THEN I used what skills the most high instilled in me to share with the world. Instead of painting ....I chose to do A detailed POINTALISM piece (all dots) . The process was literally A labor of love, & the results were ....well ,you judge for yourself.
 To the  CREATIVE LEGACY  that Micheal Jackson left us with is MASSIVE , I will do my part in continuing the legacy of pushing the creative envelope.....Thank you MJ....may you eternally Live...

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