Friday, March 4, 2011

UPTOWNARTWERX...making moves in 2011

Peace world....since I have A second to post ,I just wanted to thank my family ,friends & fans of my art. These last 2 years have been tough but worth going through creatively & business wise. Its like going back to school for A refresher course & they change the lesson plan on you!
I tell you what ,its worth the struggle ,pains, late hours... & then some when someone actually likes or loves what came from your head & heart.....PRICELESS.

I shall continue to put my best into what I do & pull in more supporters of UPTOWNARTWERX.
It wont stop ... "Its an UPTOWN THANG, no matter where ART HANGS!"

Be sure to check out for limited edition prints & commissioned works by Charlie Vaughn Jr.

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